Meet Amy Manofsky

Amy grew up with strong family values of hard work, resilience, and grit. At an early age, Amy learned a lot from her grandfather. Amy's grandfather worked two jobs as a single parent, 16 hours a day, to feed a family with 5 children. In high school, Amy started to follow in his footsteps by learning the value of hard work. Amy simultaneously worked 3 jobs- landscaping, waitressing, and lifeguarding. These opportunities helped her fund college as the first person in her family to attend and graduate from college. Amy's mother always said, "the early bird gets the worm," and she carries this mentality into everything she dives herself into.

Amy Manofsky


License # 1234567

Amy has always been extremely passionate about helping others. Amy went on several missions trips both local and abroad helping build a homeless shelter/education center in Juarez, Mexico. This shelter now serves over 100 families at a time, providing access to food, safety, and education.

Amy has worked in education as an elementary teacher. Amy will always have a strong commitment to helping children, families, and the community.

Real estate has always been an interest. This interest grew when Erin Stadelmaier and John Marzullo, fellow members of The John Marzullo Group, helped her and her significant other, Jesse, become first-time homebuyers.

When Amy and Jesse attended the open house for the home they bought, they were far from prepared to purchase a home. Amy and Jesse were not pre-qualified, much less pre-approved, and had no experience or knowledge of the process. In less than 48 hours, John and Erin helped them step by step find the right connections to secure a low-interest loan and had an accepted offer in a multiple offer situation. Now, Amy wants to return the favor for future clients by helping them find their place in the world, just as John and Erin did for her and her family. Amy translates her skills as an educator to help teach, counsel, and advise clients every step of the way.

As a lifelong resident of the suburbs of Pittsburgh, here is why you should consider her. Amy is backed by The John Marzullo Group, which has over 25 million dollars in sales and sells over 125 homes annually. When you are looking for agent representation in the largest transaction that you may ever make, you need someone that is passionate, driven, and will work harder than the competition to ensure that you are taken care of. Any agent can buy or sell a house, but Amy will put the client's needs above her own and have the satisfaction of watching clients achieve their dreams and goals. She genuinely wants to help you accomplish all your real estate goals and have fun throughout the process.