Meet Eddie McDonough

Eddie McDonough isn't your average real estate agent; he's a true enthusiast for making genuine connections with his clients. His venture into real estate was driven by a passion to find a career that was as rewarding as it was influential, moving away from desk-bound roles to the lively world of property sales.

Eddie McDonough


License # RS370764

Eddie’s educational achievements, with a degree in Homeland Security and a Master’s in Business Management, both of which he obtained while serving in the military, equip him with a strategic mindset and an eye for detail that he brings into every real estate transaction.

A native to the North Hills/Wexford/Cranberry regions, Eddie’s knowledge of the local market is extensive, yet his commitment extends well beyond these familiar landscapes. His adaptability is evident in his willingness to explore new areas to better serve his clients. But it's his personal approach that truly distinguishes him. Eddie builds relationships with his clients that reflect the kind of trust and loyalty found in friendships, always valuing respect, integrity, and open communication.

Eddie shines in guiding his clients through the complexities of buying or selling a home, providing clarity and stability throughout the process. He prioritizes keeping clients well-informed, ensuring a service that is both considerate and transparent.

The fulfillment Eddie derives from his work is infinite, fueled by the rich variety of personal stories he encounters with each client. To him, the real estate business is about the people, their experiences, and the exciting changes that come with each property transaction.

Outside of work, Eddie is an avid golfer who appreciates the peace of the greens in the warmer months. His adventurous spirit is showcased through his love of travel, always eager to absorb new experiences. In quieter times, he’s a hunter who enjoys the calm of the outdoors, or a football fan catching up on games, embracing the simple pleasures life offers.

Eddie McDonough is more than a real estate agent—he’s a reliable advisor, a meticulous professional, and a passionate ally in the pursuit of his clients' aspirations.