Meet Zach Wells

Meet Zach Wells, a seasoned real estate agent with a passion for helping clients achieve their property goals. With a strong background in business and education, Zach has spent over 8 years as the owner of EverGreen Carpet Service and has 14 years of experience teaching high school business education, including accounting, personal finance, marketing/sales, international business, and retailing. He has dedicated 12 of those years to teaching at Highlands Senior High School.

Zach Wells


License # RS368038

Zach is an avid property owner and manager, and his extensive knowledge of the real estate market allows him to provide his clients with exceptional service and expertise. When he's not busy assisting clients, Zach enjoys spending time with his family and engaging in various activities such as golfing and snowboarding. He is a huge family man and loves working out with his nephews Beau, Brody, and Michael Wells.

As a member of the Faith Lutheran Church in Natrona Heights, PA, Zach is committed to serving his community and helping those in need. He is also excited to be getting married this year and looks forward to sharing his passion for real estate with his future spouse.