Meet Melinda Durham

Melinda Durham is a hard-working, ambitious and driven entrepreneur and realtor serving the Pittsburgh area. Prior to specializing in Real Estate, Melinda managed the distribution to showcase iconic fine art at Christie's Auction House in NYC. This experience working with high-level transactions has helped guide a successful transition to her real estate career. A true city agent through and through, Melinda bridges her education from Point Park University and her role at the City of Pittsburgh to help clients navigate the city and difficult processes such as obtaining permits, licenses, inspections and relocation processes.

Melinda offers a straight-forward and fun approach to navigating the home buying and selling experience. As the owner of a well known balloon business in the city, Melinda hopes to eliminate some of the major stressors in real estate by providing an experience that is memorable and one-of-a-kind.

Melinda joins The John Marzullo Group which has over 20 million in sales and over 100 homes sold annually, as a valuable team and someone her clients can depend on for always keeping the importance in making an educated and informed decision.

Melinda spends most of her free time traveling with her husband Jordan and hanging out with their rescue puppy and cat Barkley and Nelson.